Rats on the bus

They seemed normal people. Early morning tension creating furrows between their eyes as sweat trickled   slowly down their backs. Mobiles, handbags, tie gave them ample room to fidget in impatience. Our bus approached and promptly stopped a couple of yards away from the stop. People rushed in.

The commotion began then. I could see their faces elongating, eyes darting, feet scurrying as they suddenly took on rodent like forms.

“Rats!” someone screamed.

A slim girl with too much lipstick that seemed to be melting and oozing in the heat looked up and said “do you know they are infectious?”

I made a startling discovery today. Our deeply etched genetic memory through the evolution process especially the ones got from our rodent ancestors gets triggered the minute we enter any public transport. Suddenly we mark our territory, call our friends and give hostile looks to the others.

The rats continued to scurry, occupy seats and wait for their fellow rats to follow. The bus stopped. I stepped gingerly among the rodents and got down. A few fine hairs got stuck on my bag.


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