Vampires, dragons and rakshasas

Cold lips, fire spouting snouts, buffalo horns and loud bellows. Why is the young adult fiction notorious for its blood curling, chilling paranormal villains? Ok thanks to Stephanie Meyer, now they are the heroes too. Is the present teen population this blood thirsty? A glance through any bookstore, library on the young adult category provides an array of ghosts, vampires, dragons or recreated mythological rakshsas. They are the deadly villains that small boys slay, the perfect lover boy that girls don’t find on planet earth, sometimes they are even a reflection of our inner conflict. 

What is so fascinating about their blood shot eyes, poor sleeping habits, huge size and magical habits? I am sure there are some good YA fiction out there that are fun, realistic and earthy. I have read a number of them, but searching for it in a library is like looking for pearls in pig fodder.


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