Flowers exchanged

 “I want it, I want it now” Sandy screamed at the top of her voice.

“But you already have so many games” her mother tried to calm her.

“No this game is the latest. I want it now. Come let’s go” Sandy was pulling at her mother’s hands. She was a pretty girl with dark brown hair and a dimpled smile. She was also a brilliant student. But she was an impatient child. Whatever she thought she liked, Sandy wanted it immediately.

Her latest tantrum was for the new game on her Xbox 360 Kinect. She didn’t really play with them so much but she liked the idea of owning them.

“OK Sandz, listen up” her aunt Kiran was visiting them. She was a travel journalist and loved new places.

“Here’s the deal” Aunt Kiran went to her backpack and brought out a small packet. They contained small grey seeds.

“These are seeds to a beautiful plant. The flowers look just like roses. Every time there’s a flower, you get one wish. But you need to take care”

Sandy was now interested in this deal. “What will I have to do?”

“Water the plants daily. Be patient and allow it to grow on its own. No tweaking, touching or shouting. Plants are sensitive to sound” Aunt Kiran gave her those seeds.

Sandy planted them in two beautiful pots. She watered them for a few days and then forgot about them. Then one day she wanted a new bag.

“But where is the flower to exchange for the bag?” her mother asked.

“Oh no. My plants.” Sandy ran to see them. Mummy had not let the plants die.

From then on Sandy took great care of her plants. When the first flower came out, she got her bag. For the second she wanted a new doll.

Sandy loved her plants very much and was proud of them. She took good care of them and now had added a few more pots to her collection.

When the next flower bloomed her mother asked, “What do you want this time?”

“Nothing mummy, this garden is prize enough” The beautiful flowers had made Sandy a patient and better person.

Nature is God’s way of teaching us. Have a pet, grow a fish, garden or simply feed the pigeons outside your window. You’ll learn to be a better human.

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