Happy Mother’s Day!

A surprise song early in the morning, hugs and kisses, innocent smiles and wonder in the eyes…. what a way to wake up to in the morning! Happy mother’s day mom! My kids shouted, bright and smiling at the first call. That is the general term used in my house for the initial wake up call on weekdays….  from there on it goes to sterner tones, a shout and ultimately begging on my part so that they don’t miss the bus. (I know its Sunday, but we live in Dubai, so its a weekday)

So a smiling wake up song on first call is really a treat today. At breakfast I finally assimilate the fact that today is really my day. What would I want on this day? A quick glance at the newspapers gave me a lot of options. So made my bucket list of what I did not want for mother’s day….

  • A pup, bird, fish….. I already have done my share of feeding, diaper changing and toilet training. Am not planning to go through the rigmarole anymore.

  • Lingerie ….. It’s Mother’s day not valentine’s day…… What are shops thinking putting such things on sale today? Slightly silly imagining  my son pick up a pair of wispy clothing
  • Ill fitting clothes …. Please I gave birth to you, looked after you, have now grown old… dont shatter my fragile self esteem

  • Any kind of household or kitchen equipment…. Don’t remind me of those clothes I am yet to fold, that cake you suddenly decided you wanted, last night before u kissed me Gnite.

So what would I really want?  A bit of time today to be myself. To walk in the morning, to write to my heart’s content and probably curl up in the night after only one bedtime story. But the best part of today I guess will be my thank you to God for giving me a chance to celebrate.


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