I walked the untraveled road

At the crossroads of decision making, I’ve always chosen the untraveled road. Was it my sense of adventure (I am not really a risk taking person), the lack of competition, the lure of the unknown or a longing to be original? I never know. It may be something even more mundane like the thrill of being different. Whatever the reasons for they are unclear even to me, my walk down the path has definitely been new and original.

After a decade, I am glad. Where at first the road seemed lonely, unconstrained and leading towards an abyss, today it seems familiar. My path still doesn’t have the flash, the dazzling lights and traffic of other well chosen ones and few have traveled the path with me, it is now a cozy patch.

But the best part of the journey has when I kept falling down initially. The lonely road does not offer support. In it’s silence there’s a patience. In it’s firmness there’s a challenge. It waited for me to get up, dust myself and walk again. At every fall it also challenged me to stay fully expecting me to run to the other well lain paths.

On  my solitary journey I discovered more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses than my years at college.

A complete awareness of myself – that is the gift of the untraveled road.

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