Top 10 interview tips

Confess. You are frightened. You can feel those threads of doubt, tension and anxiety travel a cold path up your spine. You need that job badly and the acid test i.e the interview is just a few days away.

Relax. Read through these tips carefully. Follow them and that dream job is yours. I am sure you know you have to dress appropriately, be punctual and speak polite. After all our primary school teachers who drilled these concepts into our lives.

The following ten tips will prove very essential in the present day interview.

Before the interview

  1. Research the Organization – know the place that you want to work for. Their products, processes and structure. Keep a look out for reasons that you want to work for that employer. You’ll really impress the interviewer if you can give some compelling reasons as to why you want to work for the employer and how you will be perfect for the role.
  2. Research yourself and your role – Yes it’s about you, written and applied by you but you may be fuzzy about that school achievement won years back. Take a long hard look at your resume. Then understand that role you applied for. Imagine how a typical day in your new role will be. Now match your abilities and the role. At the interview you will sound more confident about yourself and be able to give specific examples to highlight your abilities and uniqueness.
  3. Be prepared for a quick phone interview – this is becoming an increasingly popular method. You may suddenly get that phone call asking if you could spare a few minutes. Here you have only your content and your speaking skills to convince your employer. Many a times this is the first step to a more formal interview and hence your first stepping stone.
  4. Hit the social media – Go visit LinkedIn, Facebook, and the company website. Information on their work culture and even the details of your employer/interviewer may come handy. It will also give you an insight of what it will be to work in that Oraginzation.
  5. Consider the complete journey – from the time you submit your resume to the day you join work is an interview at some level. Remember to put your best foot forward even to the receptionist who forwards your call.
  6. Practice – That word from the grade school handwriting class. It is the only method here too. Practice common interview questions and how you’ll answer them. But please relax and do not memorize answers as it will stress you out during the interview. Also prepare answers you can relate the answers to your role. Please prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview and do not talk about salary at this point.
  7. Brush up your table manners – today it is not uncommon to have an interview over breakfast or lunch. So remember to brush up your table manners along with your answers.

During the interview

  1. Keep your answers crisp – It will help you to not talk too much and give crisp and precise answers. Speak originally and from experience.
  2. Be enthusiastic – A confident voice, smile on your face, a firm handshake and eye contact. These show a very positive and confident person. Answer with energy and passion. Build a rapport. The interviewer is not interested in tripping you. They are on your side considering you for the post else you wouldn’t be facing the interview. Hence feel comfortable.

After the interview

  1. Remember to thank – Be it a phone interview or a personal one. Please remember to send a thank you note to reiterate your interest in the position.