Creative Writing tool kit # 1. Sentence creation – Subject and Verb

Emphasize early and describe later

You may want to think of that sentence as a mantra while writing a story, a paragraph, and even each sentence.

English is written left to right. The reader forms opinion, interest and a decision whether to continue reading from left to right. Consider this:

‘The airplane crashed into the mountains, killing all its 440 passengers and crew early this morning’

The first phrase – the airplane crashed gives the information and sparkes the interest in the reader to continue reading.

Now consider this;

‘It was dawn. The airplane was carrying 440 passengers and crew when it crashed into the mountains’.

Tepid isn’t it? A writer needs to guide a reader by capturing the essence in the first 3-4 words of a sentence, and then allow the reader to immerse in the emotional onslaught with empathetic description.

On the other hand if the idea is to create suspense, build tension and make the reader wait then please save the subject and the verb until later. Fewer information and short passive writing. Long sentences create a relaxed mood, hence keep sentences short, use just phrases and show the panic.

Practice the pen

  1. Read through your favorite stories, novels, books, even the daily newspaper. Now look at how the sentences are created.
  2. With a pencil in hand repeat this to a piece of your writing.

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