Creative writing prompt – Travel diary entry

Skill: Writing Travel Diary notes.

Writing a travel diary is like capturing your memories in words. It is even better than the photographs as you will have noted your emotions as well. But with the aid of photos, the travel diary becomes a magical memory. The art of writing a travel diary is therapeutic too. The creative juices, hidden thoughts, other memories and needs begin to surface. A few tips while writing a travel entry, but first read through this passage from mine a few years back.


Sample Travel Journal Entry

I had always loved any form of water and particularly wanted to go to a waterfall. Hence with a lot of planning we went to the Athirapally falls in Kerala. These are the excerpts from my travel diary.

Day: 21st June, 2005

It was a long ride from Cochin and I fell asleep in the bus. Suddenly I felt the bus stop. People were moving out and a rushing sound reached my ears like mother nature was running to come meet me. I quickly pick up my bag pack and go out. After moving through a rough trail for 5 minutes we reach a clearing. The magnificent falls is to my right and falling down.The Athirapally falls drops 80 feet to meet the Chalakudy river. I am on top of the Athirapally waterfalls! It is the most wonderful feeling.

I splash in the river running before it fell into the falls, but the current is too strong. As it became evening a soft mist settles. The spray of the water, the mist and cloud above – it looks like a soft magical passage is being made from Earth to Heaven.No doubt this place is called ‘God’s own place’.  I so loved my trip there. I clicked a lot of pictures to treasure this memory and am coming back again.

Features of a travel entry:

  1. The entry starts with a date and the place.
  2. The entry is written in the first person always. Use ‘I’.
  3. The entry should recount the events in a logical order, preferably as they occurred.
  4. The travel entry is mostly written in the present tense. But can be written in simple past tense if recounting later.
  5. The entry should include facts about the place along with the writer’s feelings. Just a list of facts would make it look like a trip brochure.

Try out your own travel entry now. Make it from memory or use your imagination to camp with the penguins in Antartica. And remember, the next time you travel write a proper entry!

Creative Writing – A Hurricane

The news is filled with photos and reports of how Hurricane Sandy off the coast of Florida and cyclone Nilam in the Indian ocean are playing havoc with the lives of people. So there young writers, are you sharpening your pencils? If you are not directly affected by the hurricane then that’s reason enough to find out if your imagination can match the actual.

First off find out the difference between a hurricane, a cyclone, a typhoon and a tornado… A simple Google search will give you an even simpler answer. 

They all mean the same.The only difference is in the location of their occurrence. 

Now let’s see if you can play reporter. Find out what people around you feel about the harrowing incident. Write a report in around 100 words. 

Find out what people around the world are doing to help the affected. The world you will find is a very friendly place after all. 

Look at the picture – Write aImage story in around 200 words. Use your imagination, give the character some name and personality and a story. Give a title.