Creative Writing – A Hurricane

The news is filled with photos and reports of how Hurricane Sandy off the coast of Florida and cyclone Nilam in the Indian ocean are playing havoc with the lives of people. So there young writers, are you sharpening your pencils? If you are not directly affected by the hurricane then that’s reason enough to find out if your imagination can match the actual.

First off find out the difference between a hurricane, a cyclone, a typhoon and a tornado… A simple Google search will give you an even simpler answer. 

They all mean the same.The only difference is in the location of their occurrence. 

Now let’s see if you can play reporter. Find out what people around you feel about the harrowing incident. Write a report in around 100 words. 

Find out what people around the world are doing to help the affected. The world you will find is a very friendly place after all. 

Look at the picture – Write aImage story in around 200 words. Use your imagination, give the character some name and personality and a story. Give a title.



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