Wednesday is the new Monday

There is a certain magic in the New Year. How much ever I try to rationalise, it’s just another day, the tingle and excitement of the new doesn’t leave me.

I love everything new. Of course being a woman that’s my birthright. New pens, books, diary,… even now when most of my planning happens either in the haphazard last minute let’s get this done mental kick or on the Google calendar, I still love those stacks of diaries and organisers waiting patiently to make someone’s year a little bit more productive.

But I admit, the planning itself is a nightmare. In my present life form, I’m a writer, teacher, mom, wife, menu planner, laundry manager, a memory chip to remember all family details like what happened to the swimming goggles that my son dropped ‘somewhere’ after his last dip in the pool.

If that were not enough, I was also taught to believe that planning is all about doing things in a stress free manner. By Sunday evening my week is already full with work and my planning only consists of finding time for all the tasks that my various roles deem that I complete with aplomb. By Thursday I am too tired and waiting for the weekend to just sweep me to a corner of my bed for a well deserved snooze.

That was when I decided to begin my week on a Wednesday. It’s the middle of a normal work week you say? Exactly.

By starting my week on a Wednesday, I’ m not blindly answering to the demands of the already begun week, nor am I tired and waiting for the weekend.

I get time to reflect and plan. Look into the things that really matter to me like writing, working on a new idea or maybe just having some ME time. By slotting in what I wanna do this weekend, say prepare for that new topic that I want to take a class in, my family knows mom will be busy from 10 – 12 on Saturday.

I also feel I am able to manage Monday morning better for after all in my planner that is towards the end of the week. Now I am a lot more stress free and am also able to get a lot of things done.

And what’s best, 2014 begins on a Wednesday. Happy New Year!

Collect them all this New Year!

Winter’s set in and even Google is knitting warm gloves….hot coffee, warm food and lovely movies releasing every week. As the year ends, don’t let the red and white make you forget the warm green and fiery orange of the past months.

Now may be the perfect time to reminiscence on all the achievements of this past year, month by lovely month. It can be a promotion, a new job; maybe you built a new house or travelled to a new place. Celebrated your 10th anniversary perhaps? Every enduring relationship, fruitful plan and success is an achievement.

While you are on the month by month mental journey, pause to count the blessings that came your way…. A baby in the family, new friends, even testing times that made you stronger. Of course don’t forget those everyday moments of joy that is really God’s blessing on our lives.

If the room around you has not become warm yet after those fond memories, pick up that phone or mail to say thank you to all those who touched your life this year in the best of ways. Got a not so warm relation with someone? What better time than the new year to wish  and make up?

I can already feel the temperature isn’t so cold anymore. For that I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making this year an amazing one where I learnt a lot, laughed like a child and lived in hope and happiness every day.

Thank you and Have a Very Happy New Year!

May 2014 be your best year yet! 

The rocks and the birds

A long weekend deserved a long drive. Not that I love sitting in a car for hours listening to kids fight on top of the blaring music, but it was still a step better than spending it in my concrete cracker box.

We decided to travel all the way to the tip of the country (that’s not really far away) and I sat there dreaming of new characters that I could create for my story. We sped through some really wonderful desert sceneries.

It was an exhilarating place. Tall, harsh, rocky mountains looming huge on one side while the other wound to a slope ending in a glistening greenish blue lake. It was a peculiar scenery, devoid of any kind of flora, at the same time complete in its own beauty.

It was like the tall proud rocks proclaim they did not need the ornamentation of greens and flowers to complete them.

As an expat, I was at once proud to witness their beauty and jealous of their permanence. I have always wondered how would it be to live in a city long enough to grow roots and become a part of it like the tall buildings, the lakes and those proud mountains. But I have always been a part of the floating crowd.

A flock of birds, small, white and totally captivating (so much that my son stopped his fight to look at them) sat near the water. These migratory birds seemed totally at ease, pecking at the sand, dirt or whatever it was that they found so absorbing in that ground. They had made their peace in their temporary arrangement.

Passing between the rocky hills and those peaceful birds, I still had a long way to go!