A writing journey – various destinations

The scratch of pen on paper to me is the very definition of joy. What I write is important, but to me the very act of writing itself is a meaningful experience. It’s a substitute to reading, talking, arguing and venting out anger, it’s a better option to a camera in capturing moments. It probably is the only activity in my life where I enjoy the journey equally if not more than the destination.

Most of what I write may not even hit a blog post or print but I love those words I penned many times just to myself.

The journey is a physical one as well as spiritual. I write everywhere and over years have tried many places. I carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go and while the process maybe slower than shutter speed, it captures a lot more too.

Here is a list of places that I have tried writing in. Writing can be fun and every place around can be a source of inspiration. Carry a small notebook, jot down the beautiful moments in your words, live in that moment completely or maybe use the place as an environment to write your blog, novel or dissertation.

  1. Parks: I live in a desert, so winter months are the pleasant times. So along comes my notebook, sharing space with food, water, juice, ball, bats, racquets, extra clothes and everything else that two energetic young ones need.

Park benches are good places to write but I prefer the grass beneath my bare feet, notebook propped over my knees and my kids safe in the sandpit.

But I’ve found it can be distracting too. The noise levels are high especially children playing nearby.

  1. Café : A café is a popular place for many authors. J.K Rowling claims to have written her “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone “in a café. Personally I find this very crowded and somewhere there is also this feeling of being too much in the public eye.

Have never been able to concentrate in a café. The tempting food doesn’t help in calories either.

  1. Beach : Now an empty beach, sunrise and just me. That’s how heaven would look. Every time I’ve been to a beach house, a resort I’ve done this. Quickly write for an hour before the rest of the family wakes up and the holiday madness begins. 

There is something soothing in those rhythmic waves, the salty air and the sun rising like a ball of fire out of a water womb, like the destroyer has somehow become its creator.

  1. Library : If you are a book lover like me then you know this is an experience that you will carry with you long after its done.

Sitting in complete silence amidst rows and rows of books. Those written pages on the shelves are testimony to the possible greatness that the pen can achieve. It is at once humbling and exhilarating. Those books are my teachers as well as a challenge. A temple where I have spent many hours writing by book, my dissertation and articles.

  1. My desk : Even after all these places, I’m a homebody. I prefer writing at my desk. With my comfortable chair, stationeries and iphone showing a pomodoro.

Every place tells a bit more about themselves, and in the process I’ve discovered a bit more about myself too. A different backdrop, unfamiliar surroundings can act as a muse of can cut out that fresh idea seedling. The beauty of writing is, you can do it anywhere.

What are your favorite places to write? Would love to hear them. Please share your experiences in the comment.