Humanity connects even as communication fails.

The last decade has seen a huge rise in the roar of a need to be heard. Multiple times, everywhere by everyone. So much that the noise has become a part of us. Yes it’s that infection point in the communication trajectory that hit us a few years back – social media.

Recently however experts shout to connect not just being heard. To build a network not just a following.

A fact that proved right in the recent Chennai rains. As the city in south India flooded with unprecedented rains, humanity rose up. The number of volunteers equaled the number of victims. Soldiers were born overnight out of friends and neighbors.

All these happened in spite of phone lines and electricity being cut off. Made me wonder, do we really communicate with all those gadgets? We could just as easily form better relationships in our local community. Strangers of all religion and caste came to volunteer help.

Yes the media was greatly useful – as a tool of coordination. To access numbers for help and to provide information. The connect was in the heart of the city, in the people. Krishna Bharadwaj was stuck at work, and heard it was starting to flood near his house. He quickly logged on to youtube and downloaded a video showing how a car battery is removed. He sent the video to his mother who was at home, and the 59-year-old homemaker with no prior experience with automobiles, removed the car battery by watching it.

Through individual courage and community effort, most of Chennai has been staying afloat.

Today the media has been used in exactly the way it was supposed to be used. As a tool to communicate and connect. As a tool for humanity to connect.

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