Power cut friendship

ImageOn an otherwise unremarkable day, Avaneesh was busy killing zombies. Skinny brown creatures with large orange eyes and yellow teeth exploded in green fumes under the volley of bullets from his neon gun.

‘Shutting down. Battery low. Connect to a charger to continue playing’ The command on his hand held gaming device flashed and in a few seconds the screen went blank. Avaneesh hated this. With a grim resignation, he kept the console back on the table and looked around his room. Everything had suddently become silent.

Their city had been suffering from the 14 hr power cut for the last two months. Without the whirring of the fan, A/c, or mixer grinder sounds, the world around had suddenly become still. Now he could hear a lot of new sounds. The bikes and the cars as they went past his flats, the street hawkers shouting now and then, the neighbour aunty shouting.

Avi opened his window slowly. The houses in his street were built so close to one another that Avi felt, if he opened his windows too wide, he’ll enter his neighbour’s living room. His new neighbour’s living room which he was yet to see. He could now see their dining room though. An yellow salwar clad aunty was shouting at her son. The boy, around Avi’s age simply sat with his head bent. Avi noticed that he was racing a small, hot wheels car below the table. Avi waited to see if shouting aunty would spot the car. But she just spouted more words to the boy and went grumbling into the kitchen.

The son leaned back in his chair and looked out of the window.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“A zombie”. Avi replied.

The boy laughed and brought out a toy gun from his pocket. “Will you burst in green flames?”

“Power cut. I can’t die now” Avi replied.

They looked at each for 10 seconds. And laughed. They had become friends.

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I used to remember your birthdays. Those excited afternoons of thinking what to wear for our evening out. The thrill of meeting you all at least once in a while and reminiscing about old times, old friends, wondering how they are moving on. Wishing for friends to be forever and in constant touch.

The devil heard my prayers instead of God. He said you’ll stay in touch always. Just share, pin, post or tweet and your friends will be yours forever. Now I do as he asked, but…. please update your profile dear friends as I need the prompt to wish you on your birthday!